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January 2, 2011
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::Cherri Greetings:: by shimmyshammy ::Cherri Greetings:: by shimmyshammy
Very very experimental with this one, more so with custom brushes and textures than anything else. While still 'trying' to find a styling that I think says: me, I've been breaking out a little more with colour and the textures as mentioned. Just trying to have fun and learn creative ways that in the end make up the final approach. This changed BIG time as I worked on it, hell the original looks nothing like this finished version! Though I'm happy with it since I've held off from submitting it mostly due to small alteration or trying different approaches throughout and picking the final one from a group of perhaps 8 or 9 alt finals.

Original character that I hope to work on some more and tweak, think the hair works a little better than before so that's one of two fixed. Second would be the name: Cherri? While I like it i'm still up for other peoples opinions if they have something more suiting.

Hope everyone ones enjoys it.

Art (c) Shimmyshammy
Cherri (c) Shimmshammy
Textures and custom brushes used (c) of their original owners
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Alrighty boy, you asked for this!

I'm gonna start by pointing out the things I think could be improved on. First off the arms seem too straight to me, aswell as being too wide. This, combined with the muscle shading at the top, make them seem quite manly. I think you should have given her bigger hips too.
The nose also seems off-center, but I'm not sure if that was deliberate because of the style?

Now for the things I like : you've got such an original style you really should be proud of. Its a totally unique blend of animé, realism and abstract that really works, and it always comes across well, as it does here. The hair is such a cool mangaish style, the expression so young and innocent, and THE DETAILS! The stars in the background, the patterns on her stockings, the paint splashings on the wall, there's so much to take in, I could just stare at this for ages.

So, yea, nice job Shimmy =D
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Mr-Ribeiro Jan 3, 2011  Student General Artist

Devious Rating


I must say that you improved a lot since your older artworks, in addition to that, I noticed you're working in a fairly popular theme - sexy girls. Which is not a secret to be my favorite theme lol

You've done a great work on the idea, her pose is pretty much classic yet very sexy. Her eyes are very "alive" and cute! And I love her hair color :XD: Nice choice on the background and her outfit as well, I'd only complain a little about her outfit's upper part, something a little darker and "with less cloth" lol would make a better impact. About the colors... I guess there's no need to say anything :XD: awesome as always!

Though, her nose and lips are a pretty "strong" for a girl's, actually, her entire body could be less "brawny". Her hips could be a little wider and her thighs longer (remember that it holds the longest bone in the human body). You can shade it as much as you want, but be careful not to exaggerate making it a muscular girl, unless you REALLY want to.

Well... that's it! Great work and keep it up!

The Artist thought this was FAIR
Thanks for the Critique man, the pointers and overall feedback are certainly helpful for future designs and concepts that I hope to work on. Oh and on a separate note: I would never EVER dream of giving my girls the muscle/steroid treatmentXD That's just absurd.
Mr-Ribeiro Jan 9, 2011  Student General Artist
You're welcome :XD:
I'm glad it was useful, since that's my first critique e_e

lol... I don't like it either :nod: good luck on your next works!
Thanks, you certainly did a grand job for it being your first.
Mr-Ribeiro Jan 12, 2011  Student General Artist
Ohh thank you *-*
Welcome as always.
JeroStMayhem Jan 3, 2011  Professional General Artist
Thanks for saying man.
tlwelker Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist
LOVE the coloring and her hair style c: The hair is definitely better now.

Mayhaps a name that's more fierce or sultry is in order? Cherri is nice but a bit generic imo. Kokino means red in Greek and is pretty nice imo. Chervoni?

Rosa's pretty nice too. Pink in Austrian/German/various. c: But I'd take my advice only if it works for you, I'm a weirdo when it comes to naming things.
Thank you for saying Ame, I think were starting to crack open a few new areas in terms of style.

As for the name, they are some interesting ones that's for sure. It seems that I have to give a coin toss towards either Cherri or Rosa?
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